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UPDATED: SEPT 16, 2010

After working on the PC project, I came to realize that the person is not the most important part. Rather it is the mind of the person using the PC. Therefore, our focus should be on the mind and how it works in relation with the tools we use.

For some their PC is mainly for socializing and entertainment, for others it is another way of keeping in touch with other people and businesses, for still others it is about business. I am sure you can think of other examples.

How you develop your mind, the tools you use, and how you choose to use them is entirely up to you. Therefore, I must broaden the scope to fit a wide audience for the PC project, or narrow it to fit a few.


ISSUE: Often my team members, that means you, has little or no idea what I am doing when it is backstage.
SOLUTION: Write a short brief now and then when working behind the scenes.

ISSUE: Sometimes busy people seem to vanish. Nobody knows what is going on or what to do.

Yes, I know what that's like. I have too many jobs on my table. I often take on more than I can bear and then review and establish priorities. The less important jobs then sink to the bottom of the list and if they remain at the bottom too long or if it is no longer of value the job is trashed.

TIP: There are many online solutions for managing things to do and the related resources, I am evaluating a lot of them. I have paid accounts on many. I dropped some paid accounts, and many that I don't pay for. After working with a large sample, I seem to have settled on ToDoist as my most used.
I realize though that not everyone needs a solution for this, or the same solution. If you aren't interested, then why are you still reading this? ;) If you are interested take a look at this collection of software.

PROJECT: We rely on the right tools for the right job, and on quality tools. Our PC is our most valuable tool on the Internet. Therefore, we need to keep it safe from harm, fast, and as trouble free as possible with the least amount of work or expense.

Recently, I've been evaluating the steps you need to protect your PC from harm, as this is one of my top priorities. The job will be finished when the procedure and recommendations are written and approved.

Does anybody wish to help? Every little bit counts. You can help like so: Make a recommendation, report an issue, discuss it, criticize it, tell us what we need to improve, block it.

PROJECT: The most important of all the parts required is the person. Tools are nothing without the person who uses them. Therefore, we must determine what we are, who we are, why we are here, and how we can become more efficient at we need to do.

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