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Life presents unexpected challenges at times. Sometimes, we aren't prepared for it.

Having a need to understand those we need to serve, I often go on visits to meet them. On occasion, I am welcomed and allowed extended visits. After all, it is very important to KNOW, not just think you know what the end-user wants and needs.

In this case, I ended up caring for a terminally ill woman. (For the sake of privacy, I won't use names.) As I understand it, she had cancer and all of her intestines were surgically removed. She was expected to die soon. So, I stayed to help with her care.

As expected, she died. The surprise came the next day when another woman living there died quite unexpectedly. She was very close to the first woman who died, and although disabled, young and nowhere near death. I suspect she died from the grief.

Since, the death was suspicious this time the police showed up. As it turns out, a third woman living there had warrants and was taken to jail.  This event left me and one other woman remaining in the household.

As it turns out, the second woman to die was responsible for the bills. The one remaining was not accustomed to dealing with thesematters. However, payments for rent and utilities had bounced.

Anyway, I decided to stay with her a little while to help. After all, I know what it is like to suffer such tragedy and to be alone. I went through it when my fiance died.

Today is Christmas. So, I think I will go to visit. Since it late in the day, I think I'll end this post now with a final note.

Being that so much has happened, I haven't done much on BiStar. I may slow down at times, but for nearly ten years I have not quit.

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