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Most people involved with computers have in one way or another placed their personal or professional interests somewhere on the internet and then get friends to participate by placing pictures, name, birth date, interests which in turn allows Facebook to have the largest profile database in the world.  At the last count 700.000.000 people have offered the founder Mark Zuckerberg freely their profile information. Google founded in 1998, has become the leading internet search engine last month introduced their own social network service. 

 Google Plus, Google + or (G+) has started up an invitation only network system that has a disadvantage over Facebook  because of the many extras (G+) brings to the member Gmail, Calendar, Maps are just an example of what features Google can incorporate to (G+).  The platform for the individual to learn will be straight forward and simple because people have learnt how to use Facebook and Twitter another smaller but still competitive social network platform,  Andy Hertzfeld the designer has had little impact on his creativity with his Circles component user interface that enables the user to organize contacts into groups for sharing but it does have privacy option therefore allowing the user to be option on what they wish to share.  The circles are developed and organised through drag-and-drop interface friends, following and acquaintances are set by default but their is an options to add further groups if necessary. I believe the beneficial side to the ordinary user will be "Hangouts" were friend to friends video calling will be the natural way for communication and video's can be posted and shared. 

I would like to think (G+) will drive the incentive for businesses to participate and become more active with instant shopping were ideas, events and interests will become more attractive for the individual to gain a better shopping experience. There is no doubt that this new project has every intention of causing the a great migration from Facebook. Myspace suffered badly back in 2008 because they could not meet the competition and the question asked is who will hold the  number two position of site ranking in the next 24 months. Considering Google is the master of SEO/SEM their muscling in on the social network platform must only bring greater benefits to the consumer and ever more concerns to Facebook and Twitter. The fact remains there is always room for improvement and since Google know the concerns and needs of business, they have the innovation, finances and expertise for (G+) to become the best for its excellence and achievement in providing the globe the best resources for marketing.

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