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Introduction to the BiStar Co-operative Association

Strength in Unity

Association with a large group of members improves your ability to get more out of life. Without communication, we are isolated. Co-operative effort with others becomes difficult, if not impossible.

Therefore, we are gathering a large group of individuals who can easily communicate with each other for the mutual benefit of all.

We use Internet services, mail, cell phones, and portable computing devices to greatly enhance communication between members. You will need a cell phone and an e-mail address, but you won't need access to a personal computer.

Managing the Association

As a member, you have considerable power to initiate, or to stop activities.

Our association takes the form of anarchy governed by consensus. There is no hierarchical chain of command; nobody that is officially in charge. Everyone has equal say. Nobody is obligated to spend their money, time, or effort. There are no enforcement officers. It is simply an anarchy that works.

Consensus encourages co-operation between members. In contrast, democracy tends to encourage competition. With consensus, everyone must accept a proposal for it to be official. If just one member, any member, strongly objects then the proposal is rejected. Thus, every member has veto power.

Simple Rules to Foster Mutually Beneficial Behavior

(In these rules, "I" and "me" means "you")

  1. If I want something, I post it.
  2. If I don't want something, I review what others want.
  3. If I see something that others might want, I report it.
  4. If I became aware of an issue, I post it.
  5. If something is reported, I go there, evaluate it, and rate it.
    • If I benefit from it, I give it a thumbs up.
    • If it has no effect on me, I consent.
    • If it works against me, I give it a thumbs down.
  6. I must remain active and have a phone where I can be reached.

Members shall be ranked by experience and by their value to our community. An individual member's rank shall be maintained by merit. Merit is determined by the entire membership.

Nobody starts at the top. It takes time to gain experience. The more experience a member has, the less of a burden and more of an asset they become. We all require growth and experience before we can contribute any substantial value to our society. We must, therefore, rank members by experience and their value to our society. And every member has the potential to reach the highest rank.

To reduce confusion, we shall recognize the following ranks:

  1. Initiate
    • New members with less than three months of seniority.
    • The Initiate is new to this association. He has much to gain, and much to learn as well. As such, he requires more attention from his peers to ensure his rise through the ranks. You are required to participate to maintain your rank through participation. After three months of faithful service the Initiate is automatically promoted to Novice.
  2. Novice
    • More than three months of service, but less than six.
  3. Apprentice
    • More than six months of service.
  4. Master
    • Granted to the Apprentice by mutual consent of other Masters based on the Apprentice's merit.
    • This rank is confirmed by the entire memberships mutual consent.
    • A Master may be demoted by his peers.
  5. Grandmaster
    • There can be only one.
    • This rank is granted by the Masters
    • This rank is confirmed by the entire membership's mutual consent.
    • A Grandmaster may be demoted by his peers.

Your Four Sources of Power

Our primary mission is to enhance personal power for all members. Power is defined as the ability to act or release energy. Personal power emanates from your knowledge, money, time, and effort. By combining our power with other members we gain in all four sources of power, knowledge, money, time and effort.


If you know how something works, you have the power to have it work for you by allowing to do what it does naturally. For example, you would use a screwdriver to remove a screw, but it would be foolish to use a hammer for this job.


Money represents potential power. It is a medium of exchange. When you work for money it represents the value of your knowledge, time, and effort spent on the job. You can release that potential power by spending it. The wisest way to use this power is by investing it to create multiple streams of passive income.


Time is limited to what we can do now. The past is gone, but adds to our present experience. The future depends upon on what we do now. The only time that matters is the ever-present NOW. We can use it wisely, or squander it. Time is the currency of life. Only you can determine how it is spent. Be cautious and frugal, otherwise people might spend it for you.


No matter how well we plan, or what we dream, nothing of consequence will follow without effort. We must act, otherwise our dreams shall remain dreams.

Suggested Projects

We should consider setting up a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) for buying, selling, and providing transportation services. The corporation shall be owned and operated by some of our members for the benefit of all members. It shall not be owned by outsiders. We must not lose control of it. Having a corporation provides us with safety while handling business affairs and a way to transfer ownership easily between members. It will cost $149 to $359 plus the state filing fee to incorporate. The state filing fee for Delaware is $140, in Kansas it is $165, and for Missouri the filing fee is $105.

Once our corporation is established we can use it to provide member services and to save or make money. For example, by buying in bulk with a minimum order of $200.00, we can get new disposable lighters for 10 cents each (retail $1.00). We can get a four pack of AA batteries for 68 cents a pack (retail $4.00). We can even buy truckloads of wholesale merchandise for about $7,000.00. All of this can be resold to our members at our cost. Understand, we intend to profit with our members, not from our members.

This car sold at a no-reserve auction for $200!

We have also been monitoring cars and found some very good deals. For example, the car above from a government outlet had a sticker price of $1,650.00 but sold on auction for $200.00! We could buy and sell these autos to make a profit. Or we could keep them to provide transportation services. Or, we could do both.

In any case, as a member, you have the opportunity to profit from our activities.

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