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I suppose my reason for being here, an introduction and brief history is in order. You should have some idea of who you will be working with and why.

My name is David Huett. I intend to work with you and others who wish to benefit from a mutual association using modern communications technologies, such as the Internet and telephones. People are not meant to be isolated and alone, we must team up if we are to gain the power we need to for security, prosperity, education, and happiness.

Currently, I am pretty much alone working on the framework we require for building a tight team. Development like this takes time. You are welcome to join in if you wish. Consider, joining the Google discussion group I've set up.

I've been working with computers before microcomputers were invented. I have even designed and built microcomputers from scratch and writing the operating system with toggle switches. That was around 1977, I believe.

I started my career by repairing mainframes when I was about 19 years old. Later I helped with building the infrastructure for the Internet and other telecommunication systems. It was my job for ten years to troubleshoot the microwave and lightwave telecommunications systems manufactured by Rockwell International in Richardson, Texas for a handful of customers which included Sprint, MCI, and Southwestern Bell. I was also responsible for making design changes to the electronic circuits and training electronic technicians at Rockwell.

That's why I knew many years ahead of most people about the evolving Internet. It gave me the chance to be amongst the first to become an ISP by setting up my own network, I named it BiStar because I was working with BInary circuitry and programs and was often up late into the night with the STARs. is one of the oldest commercial domains on the Internet, it is about 15 years old now. At one time, BiStar was a hosting network with seven computers and many different web sites being hosted for other people. I set the network up from scratch. At the time, I could find only one other commercial network (.com domain) on the Internet in Hong Kong. All the others were gopher sites belonging to the government (.gov) and education (.edu) domains.

When people would ask me what I did for a living, I would tell them, “I am an ISP (Internet Service Provider), I own an Internet network.” Invariably, they would respond, “What’s an Internet network?” Fortunately, I no longer have to explain.

I kept so busy building the BiStar network that I had little time for anything else like a normal life. Normal was put on hold until the network matured. You see there were very few programs and hardware for setting up networks when I started. I often had to write all my own programs and even built some of the electronics I needed from scratch. Now, such resources are ubiquitous making it much easier now.

After many years, all the hard work was behind me. It was time, I decided, to get on with a normal life. With that I finally proposed to a woman I had known for 10 years. For, she had been put on hold too, and was very understanding and patient with me.

We were engaged for about 14 hours when she suddenly died. This had a devastating effect on me, and since I was the sole owner and only one working on the BiStar network it suffered as well, and nearly died. It has been dormant for many years, and is no longer a network. Now, it is just another site hosted on somebody else's network.

After a long period of mourning and recovery over the death of my fiancé, I am ready to start over. I am hoping you will join me.

BiStar must not die! The dream must live on until it is realized.

Wisdom of Buddha

I started with a dream, the vision of people prospering together through a global network of computers. That dream is still alive and much the same as was many years ago when BiStar was still a hosting network.

My mission remains unchanged, I may have been wounded but remain focused. BiStar’s former place in history has not been entirely lost. A web page I modified way back in January 24, 1997 has survived as an archive.

Last Modified: January 24, 1997 by David Huett

Excerpt from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine about Ten Years Ago

Internet Archives, the Wayback Machine

What is this domain’s purpose?

I built this domain,, because of my fascination with the evolving Internet. As for its purpose, I’ll leave most of that up to the people who wish to participate.

When I announced that I was building the domain, a few people contributed Web sites about themselves and businesses. That’s one purpose. However, the Internet is by it’s nature interactive, although not always by design from what I’ve seen on many other domains. Still, I hear much about how the Internet brings interaction between the participants to new heights. That’s the aspect I wish to explore most.

The Internet allows people to communicate in ways unprecedented by other forms of electronic communication. At the same time, it demands that people learn new skills to supplement the old skills so as to use this new form of communication effectively. People must learn how to use HTML, FTP, gopher, telnet, E-mail, and other forms of people/computer interaction.

View this Entire Page at the Wayback Machine Archives

– David Huett

P.S. My mail address on the archived page displayed on the Wayback machine,, still works, if you wish to use it.

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