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Many years ago, I decided to make the world a better place. My current project is to organize people into a non-profit cooperative which serves their basic needs.

They decide among themselves what they need and then how to create a solution. One common need identified is the need for transportation. The solution is to create a limited liability corporation separate from the co-op, but owned only by members of the co-op so that they maintain control over it.

For this to work, we start with some members who would invest capitol to establish the corporation and to build a fleet of vehicles. We also need members who locate deals and members who are auto mechanics.

I was showing one of the mechanics, who showed interest in joining the co-op and working for the transportation corporation, how we can locate automobiles offered by eBay on my Blackberry cell phone. First, I did a search and found a Limousine. Next I said, "Let me show the pictures while attempting to hit the "pictures" tab. My fat fingers on the small display hit the "Bid Now" button instead. The display changed to something like, "You just made a bid, confirm or cancel."

"Oops, I'll cancel that.", and then I hit the "Cancel" button, or so I thought. The display came back and read, "Bid Confirmed!".

"Holy crap!, I just confirmed the bid." eBay won't allow canceling bids when there is less than 12 hours left on the auction. So, I hoped that someone might outbid me. It didn't happen. I won the auction.

It was a mistake, but I feel honor-bound to follow through. So, I paid for it. Now, I have to travel from Kansas City to a small town near Saint Louis to pick up the Limousine.

Update: The owner was aware from the start that I did not intend to bid. He knew I didn't want the Limo. So, he found another buyer just before it came time to consummate the sale. He contacted me with the good news and promptly refunded the money I paid, releasing me from the obligation.

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Comment by Jonnie Pickering on August 22, 2010 at 9:23am
That's too funny! The Limo guy is nice. I like honest people.


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