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Follow Me, and You will See: more Love, more Joy, more Power and Control Over the Will of All

In the Beginning

A single unexpected and unexplainable experience at age 11 overturned my entire life. It put me at odds with my family and my social culture. Instantly, I became an enlightened outcast. My world would never be the same. I was heavily drugged and placed in government institutions, because of my love and overwhelming desire to make the world a better place for all. My beliefs and the resulting actions were at odds with the mold that society had cast for me. I began to break rules with the intention of learning at an accelerated rate. Overwhelming love for all combined with a newfound thirst for more knowledge motivated me to break the social mold. There was no going back to a normal life.

The rule I broke was skipping out of school to visit a used bookstore and to study on my own. I skipped 7th grade for three years. I was skipping out of the Principle's office almost every day. I never did get a GED. However, I went to college. The college stated that I'd need a high school diploma or GED. Then, I reminded them that according to the rules, all I really needed to do was pass the entrance exam with a higher score than is usually required. Normally, 60% is required and, in my case, 80%. I took the test and got 98%. After that, I was no longer asked for a GED. I now have more diplomas than I know what to do with, but still I have no GED.

Prior to the experience, I had more interest in play and putting off my studies. I was normal. Afterwards, my thirst for knowledge became paramount. I just had to know the world! I had to learn enough to make it better. The pace at school seemed just way too sluggish to satisfy my thirst.

I have had the University of Texas in Dallas, call me at home begging for me to teach. I never applied for the job. I was highly recommended to them by the community without my consent. I had no desire for any job. So, I refused. Still, they kept calling me, trying to entice me into teaching.

Living with both the Blessing and the Curse of Spiritual Enlightenment

Becoming one with God, saturates the observer with love and compassion for all things. If one truly understands and loves God then it becomes impossible to hate anything. For example, the observer must love the Devil as well. You may wonder why I say this. It is because the Devil is a part of God, since God is all things and God is absolute perfection.

You see the Devil is the animal part of God. It is our physical sensation divorced from Spirit. It is your vision, smell, taste, touch, hearing, and mind combined with the collective consciousness of all other living things throughout all time, but it is the part that is totally unaware of the Universal Spirit that animates it. Without the Devil, you or I would not exist.

I am often filled with sorrow, to the point of tears, when I observe the misfortune of nature or of people who have by misfortune ended up on society's bottom rungs. I understand that this is part of the Absolute Perfection, God, yet still I cry. I feel compelled to do something to help. I am driven to help, and I am driven by extreme passion and measures to render aid. Such is the curse of spiritual enlightenment.

My understanding and love for what can only be understood as God gets me shunned by some, institutionalized by government agencies, and also places me in mortal danger at times. For example, I have single-handedly taken on a huge criminal organization operating in forty-eight states merely to prevent others from being victimized. My motive was love. I simply could not bear the thought of more people falling victim to criminal activities. The crooks threatened me at first, then tried to negotiate, were arrested, and sent to prison for 10 to 30 years. Their organization was seized and dismantled, and personal property like mansions and yachts sold on the auction block with proceeds returned to some of the victims. I have ample documentation to prove this assertion. I have a file cabinet full of legal documents and correspondence. Don't take just my word on anything. I will present the evidence on request.

My Mission

My mission is to increase your happiness through understanding what God and reality really are. I intend to show you how to find the doorway to spiritual enlightenment for those who wish to enter, or at the very least, get you to think in ways that will increase your joy and help you to overcome life's burdens with greater ease. I have no desire to teach moral law. I intend to share my vision of reality as seen through the 'eyes' of God. I shall attempt to describe the indescribable in the simplest way possible. Truly, you may think me mad. I am used to that. Nevertheless, I hope though, that you are able to put your prejudices aside and consider what I must share with you.

I also intend to help you discover knowledge and ways of thinking that will prevent your mind from becoming your enemy. We cannot allow this marvelous biological computer to shoot down your opportunities for happiness.

My claims can be backed up with physical evidence. Much of what I discovered in my early years through the Spirit, I thought was beyond science. I was mistaken. I am quite pleased to witness that science is well on the way to discovering God! I hope that perhaps some scientists and theorist might use my revelations of reality to create new ways to test the existence and the true nature of God as the Universal Spirit that binds all things.

God Dreamed He was a Man

I am the God that dreamed he was a man. This applies to all of us, but rarely does the man awaken to discover he is God, at least, not until death. Death might be considered the great awakening, because you become God at that moment. Reality as we see it is merely an illusion created by the physical brain.

When one attains the God state of awareness, all secrets of reality are revealed and all illusions instantly stripped away. God is infinite love, wisdom, and all that is. It is not human. It is more like the living Spirit of the Multiverse. There is but one Spirit shared by all. That Spirit is God. It binds all of infinity throughout all time, space, and parallel universes into an everlasting, never changing, infinite instant. It is immense love and wisdom on a cosmic scale. Yes, the entire universe is alive!

I discovered that the mind is not the container of emotion and memory. These are contained within the Universe, or God. The greatest of the emotions, is love. Apparently, we need proof that the mind does not store memories. Rather, it blocks infinite awareness by association with affinities in the cosmic mind's past, and possibly into the future.

Plants, and even rocks, contain memory and emotion. I have through Spiritual contact proven this to myself. I am quite certain that scientific experiments might be conducted to prove this assertion. Physical brains are not necessary for memory and emotion.

What I have Learned from This

It is far better to acknowledge one's ignorance than it is to accept ignorance as knowledge. I admire what Buddha said on this matter: Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. Do not believe anything because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything because it is written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and the benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.

The mind creates the brain. The brain then acts as a filter for the mind and as an actuator for the body. The mind extends beyond the brain and the body. However, I do not sense that the the mind can exist separately from the brain. It depends upon interaction between both the brain and the Universal Spirit to function.

We are not the pentacle of creation. There is no creation. We are but one of an infinite number of existing possibilities. We are merely insignificant specks hidden within the cosmos.

The only thing we know for certain is that we really don't know. Our awareness of self, and our Universe, is much too limited for any of us to know what is right or wrong in the absolute sense. Therefore, decide for what works for you in your given situation. Do not decide what is moral for others.

I hope you will decide to love yourself, nature, and all its creatures, including our own kind. I hope everything we touch in our world is left in slightly better condition than it was before we found it.

I hope that we can respect the free will of others to do as they please, even though we may strongly disagree. I realize this is hard at times, as I have fought a criminal organization that was swindling retired folks out of their life savings. Sometimes, it is difficult to stand idly by and watch others fall victim to greed.

I hope that we might learn more about ourselves and each other so that we might learn to trust and work together in harmony for the good of all.

Follow Me!

I am not asking for worship. That's not what I mean when I ask you to follow me. I am just not that special, and in my opinion nobody is. I may have done some amazing things, like travel through time, make the wind blow at will, kill trees overnight by thinking them dead, and consistently naming all 52 playing cards in ESP tests by rank and suit. However, ESP is not the goal. The goal is wisdom, joy, love, an improved understanding of what is real and what is illusion. It is to leave in peace and harmony with oneself and others, as much as is possible. It is to be of service to others.

Please Note: I am ashamed for psychically killing all those trees. I did it for practice as inspired from a Bible story in my Christian upbringing about a fig tree that did not bear fruit and moving mountains into the sea with faith the size of a mustard seed. At the time, I did not love, respect, and understand the trees as I should. You see, I had not yet become One with All. It won't happen again. Please, if anyone else should get to that level. Do not use your psychic power to kill any living thing. Have mercy.

I merely ask that you open your own door to awareness. Know yourself. Follow a path similar to mine. Look within. Listen to your own mind, practice mindfulness and meditation. Be still, and listen for that part of you that is God; the Universal Dimension of Life. Examine the emerging scientific evidence. Be rational. Be careful not to get caught up in superstition and logical fallacies. Attempt to understand and follow your cosmic will, which is the combined will of all things.



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