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Sometimes we have to step back a moment and reflect on the reasons why we are doing what we do. The interests we have, the opportunities we can see, self-motivation and independent, to generate prosperity for self worth life style and entrepreneurial realities are all solid foundations for developing a business.


How many network marketers do you think actually know what they are doing or intend to do what they have aspired to do? I would like to believe the majority are on the right path to building a vibrant global leading brand that is making a difference to their lives and for those around them. While those who are established a minority are shining bright with encouragement, wisdom and expertise from empowering others with support structures with sustainability for the less experienced. But unfortunately we are not that capable of having such a generous nature to be considerate and understandable enough to share enlightenment in this line of business were experience leans towards having the passion to make a difference in people's lives.


No basically the rules of the jungle are for you to consider what leads you have accomplished for the target of 10, 20 or even 30 leads a day expect towards your road to success, otherwise you are doomed for failure, a none entity, no longer encouraged but ridiculed enough to feel less valued. Less interesting or not required your business does not meet the criteria of the marketer’s expectations for the minimum conversions. The inspiration once positively announced you can do it becomes the negative question why aren't you doing it? And of course we now feel vulnerable for not accomplishing the required margin of what is basically the basic target, so we begin to change our motives and strategies out of frustration, humiliation and confrontation.


There can be numerous reasons why we are not meeting the expectations of others, the ladder has been pulled under our feet, our incentives have transformed into motives, our goal and objective have become reliant on others, but more crucial is the courage we once had has gone with the determination we need to succeed. The wishing well is drying up because we have been drained from not achieving the ultimate success through a lack of leads in exchange for conversion enthusiasm encourages negative vibes from being humble with no solutions in exchange for a business that seems to others just an illusion.


Perhaps I am absolutely way off the mark and you are accumulating more then you could ever have imagined so much so that you have the appetite for life and have acquired the adventurous nature in the process of planning your next vacation in order to consider the next leverage. Your challenge has become your opportunity and you have developed optimism with confidence to become adaptateble and courageous enough to lead the way with your innovation for a change. If this is the case then you should also be considering sharing your charisma, skills and expertise with those who do not challenge you but admire your enthusiasm. But as good as you think you are the ultimate accomplishment is having the ethics of integrity to assist others fulfilment from your own aspirations. You can do this because you have the potential to provide not promises but incentives, because you know you have determination to innovate, create and produce and you see the ambition in others. You have accomplished all that money can buy but what you have never accomplished is making the impossible for someone else absolutely possible.


People in this business are known to be risk takers and are good in saying what they have gained and how easy it is for anyone else to do the same but they have accomplished little if anything until they have brought some improvements to the business they have adopted. Having good intentions is having a vision to take action for the pursuance of others. To be positive, assertive and charismatic enough to persuade others of the reasons they are taking a risk. Then expectations come not from the scale of targets but the endorsement of commitment if not dedication and awareness to understand there is always rough with the smooth and the calm will come before the storm. This is the basis of becoming a true entrepreneur having the capacity to understand others can benefit from your guidance, influence and encouragement.


So basically if you are feeling like you are not achieving financially remember how passionate you are about your business and how enthusiastic you have always been so therefore I ask that you remain true to yourself and appeal only to what is right for you in all that you do and how you do it. Evaluate then plan to organise what works for you, and make your decision on the basis of its strength and weaknesses. If you can assist someone else to accomplish a little from what you have achieved then you are on the path of becoming an entrepreneur. You are the best when the mirror reminds you and until this happens give a thought to monetary value being a means to an end but respectability is treasured but rarely bought.

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