BiStar Cooperative Association

Empowering people through modern technology.

To establish our requirements, we must know why we are members of this website.

Our mission is to apply modern technology to empower people residing in the Kansas City area.


By combing our abilities....

  1. We enjoy discounts, and possible profits, by applying our collective awareness and purchasing power.
  2. We provide for the common needs: food, shelter, commuting, technology, storage, knowledge, goods.
  3. We solve our mutual problems.

Only a few members will have Internet access. Most will instead use cell phones and snail mail to keep in touch.


NOTE: I am your administrator for this website. For the time being, I am allowing people to join that are not from Kansas City, and to post on topics that have nothing to do with the cooperative. However, I may revoke membership for non-residents and delete off-topic content at any time.

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