BiStar Cooperative Association

Empowering people through modern technology.

May we help you? 

What basic needs do you have in Kansas City that can be better handled by associating with other members? 

Most of the people we intend to serve do not have access to the Internet. Our mission is to provide for ourselves and other members as a team that alone we might otherwise have difficulty doing so. We intend to make life easier by combining our power. 

Many of the people I've spoken to have need for transportation from time to time. Some are handicapped and can't drive. Still others have car troubles, or no car. 

From what I've discovered through the people I've engaged with, I believe it is possible to pay them to provide their own transportation! That's right they get paid to have a ride. 

I spent many years doing the groundwork, and I am quite certain that the current plan is feasible. However, I am not about to share the details in public. 

We can also consider other basic needs like housing, food, and other possessions. We can discover how to provide these needs for ourselves in the most efficient way possible. Furthermore, if we are creative enough, we shall provide for ourselves at a profit! 

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