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From observation, I am not fond of the way many organizations are set up. They tend to grant too much power to those at the top, who then penalize subordinates and customers with their greed and lust for power. 

I believe an organization would be far better off if everyone had power and a fair share in profits. This would reduce a lot of resentment. And, most likely, encourage more creativity, innovation, and participation. 

Upper management must not profit off the backs of wage slaves chained to a time clock! 

We must guarantee that the people who manage this organization are there by consensus of the entire membership. That these people are looking after the best interests of everyone rather than mainly themselves.  

That's why I advocate creating a cooperative organization that resembles more of an anarchy governed by consensus. 

This is a "straw man" discussion. So, do your best to prove my vision wrong!

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In the interest of being fair and open, I suggest that we might administrate something like for dealing with our members.

Yes, I know, it says it is for customers, not members. But, that doesn't mean we can't do it.


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