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 Your computer needs protection from minor annoyances to major catastrophes. Don't wait until disaster strikes before you begin the habit of taking preventive measures. Avoid the unthinkable. Take action now!  

Learn more about your PC, running a Microsoft Operating System, by visiting  Microsoft at home.  They have several, easy to understand, topics that relate to this discussion: Improving your skill, and fixing your computer. You will find these topics indexed near the bottom of the  'i want to' box. You should be able to discover just about everything you need here from within the scope of your primary setup. Meaning: you will not require additional software from third party vendors. 

There is more than one way to solve your problem. I prefer additional software from sources other than Microsoft.  Therefore, I shall offer an alternate, cost effective, and relatively simple solution. 

Let us consider eliminating annoyances first. 

Over time, your computer becomes slow, error prone, and cluttered with junk.  Eventually, it can get so bad that many users mistakenly believe they have been infected by malware or viruses. 

Step one should be to remove junk files, repair the registry, fix shortcuts, and optimize the disk drive. You can do a fairly decent job of this in a single step using free software from IObit: Advanced SystemCare. Just one click on the "Care" button does it all.  The free trial, is crippled but will do ALL the repairs. As far as I know, it does not expire. 

-- David Huett

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