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Everything we create begins as a mere thought.  So, think right, and think bright! Dark, self-imposed, limiting thoughts are the way to pain, not gain. Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. 

Here is an example of a creative thought process: 

1) Envision the future. Set a target worth aiming at.

Our team is acutely aware of opportunity. We act decisively on those which are deemed worthy. 
By using our collective abilities, we easily overcome obstacles in our path. 

We profit where others must pay. For example, we get paid to provide for our own transportation, shelter, food, and possessions. 

2) Describe the future with fiction. Think about what you desire. 

We decided, by consensus, that we need more transportation and funding for future investments. So, our marketing team has placed an ad on Craigslist for cars that have a blown engine. 

Our scouts have been following leads from the advertisements that were placed. Some have reported good finds today to our hotline provided by Safercalls

Upon hearing the news, yet another team has gathered to evaluate these opportunities. Once we have determined that we can profit quickly and efficiently, we shall make the purchase. We have enough funds to cover this investment from a portion of the profits we retained from previous investments. 

One of the cars is in excellent condition and close by. One of our members has a car dolly, and a mechanics shop within 12 miles. So, moving the car won't be a problem. 

Even though we have not yet purchased the car we are already prepared to purchase a new engine from SWengines. We have the rebuilt engines price, and know it is in stock. 

Now, that we are quite confident that we will profit, we can purchase the vehicle through one of our limited liability corporations (LLC) dedicated to serving our transportation needs. 

The purchase has been approved, again by consensus through one of our approved telephone services since most members don't have computers. In this case, we used phonevite.  So, a project team is now assembled to oversee the repairs. 

Our project team uses wedoist and sometimes iTeamwork to manage projects online. They are responsible for progress reports to our membership. 

Since most of our members do not have internet access, it is best to inform them of progress through the U.S. post office. We do this through the Internet as well using click2mail

3) Next, determine how the above could be realistically achieved. 

4) Decide what can be done now! 

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As an exercise in cooperative communication, we can discuss the thoughts above and the last two empty steps. I did not fill in step 3 and 4, although I've already done a huge amount of that work.

I thought I'd give you the opportunity to discuss that here. ;^)


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