BiStar Cooperative Association

Empowering people through modern technology.

  1. Limit membership and traffic for quality. We are not interested in a large amount of traffic and members. Instead, we seek creative members with ambition and complimentary skill sets. Our members are more like owners and than customers or a passive audience. 

    In particular, we want members from the Kansas City area. That's because, we intend to operate in a geographic location. Most of our co-op members never access the Internet! 

    Membership is by invitation, and subject to approval. If you don't have an invitation, you may request one simply by attempting to join. You won't be ignored, but you aren't automatically accepted either. Be serious about your desire to win in life, or don't bother to join. 

  2. We intend to engage in the discovery of purpose. That is we shall focus on providing what everyone agrees upon that we must have. We need to belong, have transportation, shelter, a challenging way to earn money and recognition for our ability to serve. 

    People MUST get something of value out this which they can not find otherwise. We serve each other to fill our own needs. You are strong where I am weak. I am strong where you are weak. You see something I need and report it. I see something you need and report it.... We all win!

    People possess inertia, they are hard to get moving in new directions, but once in motion, they are hard to stop. Therefore, we need a hard push to get moving and keep moving right off the starting block. 

    Summary: Our objective is to get moving towards obtaining what we need as a team right away and to keep moving towards better and more profitable paths in life. Our purpose is to improve our individual lives through meaningful association with others. 

  3. I am here to profit from the relationship with others, not off their wallet. And vice-versa, you must profit from the relationship with me and other the other members. Together, with the proper leadership and the right team, we all stand to profit. The trick is to discover what we want, set a goal, take action, and be sure we have recruited members with complimentary skill sets. Every member must contribute, nobody rides for free. 

    I've been able to personally earn up to $1,000 a day with the right team. Otherwise, I would  have never spent this much time and effort to get this new project off the ground. If I am making money, you must be making a similar amount, or we aren't the team I'm shooting for. Again, everyone must win! 

NOTE: Remind me to finish this later, as I'm getting very tired and need to rest.

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Your participation is required for this concept to work. I have no desire to be a team of one! I can't do it alone.

At the very least, you could update your profile with a picture of yourself. You could tell us who you are and what you do. You could also comment or participate in a discussion. On occasion, ask for what you need or offer something that other members may want.


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