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The word 'we' in this post refers to anyone, including myself, that are official members of the BiStar Cooperative Association.

Since our members are team oriented and each has the power to affect all other members, then it only seems fair that our existing members be involved in the recruitment and selection of new members.

New members are selected by consensus, or by a committee empowered to select new members.

Currently, I am the sole member since, I am the founder and I have not officially accepted anyone's application for membership yet.

I am not picky, I have just been building getting ready for the day. I've spent many years in preparation for this. And as you can tell if you've explored the plethora of services and the thousands of pages in the BiStar domain, I am quite passionate and confident about this. I have been since about 1992 when I became one of the first ISP's and dot-com Internet sites. I believe we can do Kansas City a lot of good. Next, I must discover who shares my vision for a collaborative team working in Kansas City for the betterment of all. And, the profits of course. ;)  I shall then select the second member from the candidates. Then, the two of us shall select the third, and so on.

This should be a slow process, with great care given to who is selected. The people we choose can make or break us. I do not believe it wise to leave it to chance.

We require the first few members to be passionate and self-motivated. They must be team oriented and possess complimentary skills. They must possess adequate leadership skills.

The team leaders shall exist solely because they have earned the trust and respect of those who choose to follow. They shall not be elected, and there shall be no terms of office. If an official title is required, it shall be granted by consensus. If any member is unhappy with the 'officials' performance he may initiate immediate action to have the official removed. We are self-policing. 

Everyone must win!!! We must profit with each other, not off each other. Realize what you are good at, observe and listen to your team, discover what they want and deliver if you can. Also, make sure the other members know what you want as well. Again, to emphasize, this is about win-win!

In a nutshell: ----
  • We strive to empower all individual members according to their merit.
  • All members have veto power!
  • Leaders are leaders because earn the trust and respect of the team.
  • Since every member counts, we use consensus to decide on issues. Nobody loses!
  • We do not profit off our members, we profit with them.
  • All members must participate. Nobody rides for free. 
  • Rules are created by the membership to modify our behavior. Simple rules can cause complex behavior. The resulting behavior can be desirable or undesirable. Be cautious when setting or eliminating rules. 
  • Listen to what others want and try to help them get it, if you can. 
  • Let others know what you want. Otherwise, we can't help.

Back when I was earning $1,000 a day off of residual income. My days were completely free, so I set out on a mission. I decided to discover how I can help improve Kansas City starting near the bottom. I took a bus downtown, walked the streets, slept on park benches, accepted food from food kitchens, and from people living under bridges. I even lived under a bridge myself during that time.
Why? Because, I love people and I did not fully understand the people who needed my help. To understand, I had to become one of them. I learned quite a bit. To my surprise, I learned that an extremely small percentage of them simply choose to live that way. The two people I discovered that chose to live that way, were ex-military special forces. I suppose they just got used to living off the land and enjoyed it due to their training. One of them had a nice apartment that he never stayed in, and a roommate. He just used the apartment for storage while he lived under a bridge.  With most, though, it was often heartbreaking. For example, one woman suffering from cancer chose to abandon her own family because she felt she'd be a burden and a greater heartache by staying home. Others, are handicapped and still others are just out of work and trying to get by with as little as they can by roughing it.

I started at the bottom and worked my way up.....

So, I want to find ways to teach these people how to fish. I want them to have transportation, so they find jobs and for the handicapped and unemployable, I want them have a reliable way to get around for shopping and medical needs. A lot of these people are good people. They aren't a bunch of winos, thieves, whores, beggars, and drug addicts. Maybe a few are, but we aren't here to judge, are we?

We are here to solve problems! These people have problems we can solve. And, they can be a part of the solution. I believe I have figured out how to set up five corporations with the non-profit organization at the hub. All donations to the non-profit hub shall come from the for profit corporations. (There's much more to the plan, but this isn't the place for it.)

Of the four LLC (Limited Liability Corporations) we establish for profit, one shall be for transportation (One of the basic needs). This is just one of many project scenarios: I found a place to get engines and transmissions. we can acquire cars that need one or the other, swap 'em out and then sell or keep the automobile. I also found a place to get GPS tracking devices that give the location of our fleet and can cut off the fuel to the engine with a phone call (Plan for the best, but prepare for the worst). We can use people off the street to do the repairs, many were mechanics and I don't believe it is too much trouble to evaluate their character and skill. I did that too.

Later, after I learned all that I could from sleeping under bridges and park benches, I went up a level and started acquiring cars that needed work.... I'd then have some of the street people work on them to get an idea of what is out there. Many are excellent mechanics, they just don't have tools. One was on the street due to a burglary where the thieves made off with his uninsured tools, and thus his lively-hood from where he was working.  He was paying rent for the shop, he was the boss. But, soon due to the loss of his tools, he couldn't pay the rent and out on the street he went.

I am a softy, I still cry from time to time when I think of what happened to some of these unfortunate people.

Anyway, we can also use some of the street people as drivers, and with the GPS tracking set up a variety of services to help others get jobs, or for the handicapped to get around with less hassle than they do now.

Then, I went up another step. To make a long story short, I eventually went up to the point where I was driving a brand new car every day and wearing gold and diamonds.... Then, I got robbed a few times. That's when I decided to quit, go home.

I took what I learned and began to plan a future for the people I had come to know and love on the streets of Kansas City. I had spent several years out there starting out as low as possible on the social hierarchy. Now that I actually know Kansas City from the bottom up, I spent many years preparing a solution for them,

Now, I need people in Kansas City, that want to profit by working along beside me to make our city a better place for everybody. I need people who have a passion for their fellow humans rather than the cash and power.

Besides, I've discovered long ago when I fought the mob and won on behalf of 48 states, that if you help others, if you put them first, if you solve their problems, they will push you up, and push you way up!!! But, if you put money first, they sense it, and if you harm them, they will bury you a hundred times faster than they push you up.

Passion, gratitude, and love are keys to success. Love the money and power, merely for the sake of it, and you are the road to self destruction. So, I ask you do you want to help? Are you willing to gain by giving first? Are you up to it? Contact me.

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