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This discussion is about books that deliver value. Each reply in this discussion should begin with the title, author, and description of the book we are evaluating. 

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Magic Of Believing - Claude M. Bristol (Google)

This book deals with the basic principles of the power and use of the mind in
achieving success in many areas of life. The author relates his own background of
study and experience as well as countless examples of the use of these principles in
the lives and work of other people. The book is intended to enlarge the reader's
grasp of the potential for achievement through thought power, and its proper use.
Our mind can make or break us. However, few take time to observe and develop it. Our thoughts and emotions jump around like wild monkeys. We become slaves to our thinking habits.

There exists a 2,500 year old, non-secular method for observing and gaining control over our minds called vipassana. The word Vipassana means insight into the nature of reality.


You can read Mindfulness In Plain English by Ven. Henepola Gunaratana on your browser or download the free eBook.


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